The first credit & loyalty-enabled digital payments platform for highly-regulated industries.

Skip the ATM & don’t worry about grabbing cash. Pay digitally for the things you want and need most. KindTap offers safe and secure digital payments for emerging industries.

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Why KindTap

It’s time to remove the friction from paying for products in highly regulated industries.

Enter KindTap. 

Instead of running to the ATM, waiting in line and struggling through an awkward cash payment, consumers can now use KindTap to pay digitally while they rack up loyalty points and earn rewards. 

Instead of preparing orders without knowing whether the actual transaction will occur, or wasting time completing cash transactions, merchants can now use KindTap to accept digital payments with certainty, and reward customers for their loyalty.


You can trust your payment is safe with KindTap. Security is our top priority.


Skip the ATM and KindTap instead. Save yourself the time & effort.


Sign-up takes 60 seconds or less. KindTap works with all major bank accounts.

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No Cash Transactions

Cash is no longer king. Digital payments make life easier, and with KindTap you can say goodbye to cash payments.

Loyalty Programs

With loyalty programs, everybody wins! KindTap allows merchants to incentivize their customers, and customers reap the benefits of their loyalty!


Your time is valuable. Instead of planning ahead and squeezing in time to go to the ATM, use KindTap to make payments easy and convenient.

Trusted Provider

KindTap has contracted with industry-leading processors with certified compliance on payment industry privacy & security regulations. KindTap does not have access to your bank account information.

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